The Australian Indigenous Psychologists Assoc has developed a workshop to provide non-Indigenous mental health practitioners with the cultural competence required to deliver mental health services within Indigenous frameworks of social and emotional wellbeing and accommodate the social and historical determinants:

2-Day Working Together: The Journey Towards Cultural Competence With Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples workshop.

In 2015 AIPA will also offer 1-Day Steps On The Journey Workshops for those who have completed the 2-Day workshop and wish to increase their cultural competence when working with the following at-risk groups: children & young people; those at risk of suicide & self-harm; and those affected by policies of forcible removal (Stolen Generations).



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Each workshop is facilitated by two Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander psychologists.

Since 2010, AIPA has successfully delivered 69 workshops to more than 1100 mental health practitioners.


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